NASA carbon monitoring project cancelled by United States

US President Donald Trump’s government has cancelled NASA’s Carbon Tracking System (CMS) programme mentioning reasons of funding limitations and greater priorities within science funding.

  • It was also based on Donald Trump’s statement on Climate change.US cancels NASA’s carbon monitoring project





The NASA Carbon Tracking System (CMS) is designed

  • To create substantial gifts in characterizing, quantifying, understanding,
  • And forecasting the growth of global carbon sinks and sources through enhanced tracking of carbon stocks and fluxes.


The System will utilize the entire selection of NASA satellite observations and modeling/analysis abilities to establish the truth, organizational doubts, and usefulness of goods for supporting domestic and global policy, regulatory, and management actions.

CMS will keep a worldwide emphasis whilst supplying finer scale regional info, using space-based and surface-based information and will quickly initiate creation and supply of goods both for user test and to notify near-term policy development and preparation.


National Science Day – 28th February

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