Government issues latest – National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy

National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy

The Union government has set ambitious target of attaining 175 GigaWatt (GW) of installedGovernment issues National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy capacity from renewable energy resources by 2022, which includes 100 GW of solar energy and solar 60 GW of wind power capability.



Significance of National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy

The total renewable power installed capacity in the nation stood at about 70 GW in the financial year 2017-18.

There have already been significant potential improvements in renewables in the past several years and hybrids will likewise help in greater utilization of funds. Hybrid jobs:

The policy seeks to promote new hybrid projects as well as hybridization of present wind and solar projects.

It allows hybridization of existing jobs (solar or wind) with higher transmission capacity than sanctioned one, subject to availability of margin in existing transmission capacity.

Utilization of battery storage: The policy permits use of battery storage in hybrid project for optimizing output and reduce variability.

Technology front:

Coverage provides for the integration of electricity sources, i.e., wind and solar at alternating current (AC) in addition to direct current (DC) level.

Standards and regulations:

It free the regulatory authorities to formulate necessary standards and regulations for wind-solar hybrid systems.

Flexibility in a share of wind and solar parts: it’s been provided in the hybrid project, subject to the condition that rated power capability of a single resource be at least 25% of rated power capability of additional resource for it to be recognized hybrid vehicle project.
Characteristics of this Policy

Aims of coverage:

Provide the comprehensive framework for the marketing of large grid-connected wind-solar Photo Voltaic (PV) hybrid system for efficient use of transmission and property. Reduce variability in renewable energy generation and attaining better grid equilibrium. Ministry of both New and Renewable Energy has issued

National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy with an aim to boost renewable power generation by encouraging new jobs in addition to hybridization of present ones. Government is likely to establish a strategy for new hybrid projects under this policy.

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