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Government constitutes committee to regulate news portals

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has instituted a committee to regulate online portals, including news websites, entertainment sites and media aggregators.

Objectives of the Committee

The committee, broadly will focuss on three major points:

  • The commitee by  Ministry of Information and Broadcasting  will bring online information dissemination under regulation.
  • It will also  propose a policy for foreign direct investment in this media.
  • It will  propose a policy for foreign direct investment in this media.
  •  keeping in mind various norms, including extent of FDI allowed, programmes and advertising code for TV channels and those of the PCI, the committee will recommend “appropriate policy formulation” for online media/ news portal and online content platforms.



The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting noted that both print and electronic media are regulated but online media does not come under the ambit of regulatory mechanism which suggested the establishment of a Committee that will focus on this issue.

The order said the content on private television channels is regulated by the Programme and Advertisement Codes, while the PCI has norms to regulate the print media.

The committee was set up a day after the ministry withdrew its guidelines on fake news following directions from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Committee Includes

  1. The 10-member committee  will include secretaries of the departments of Home, Legal Affairs, Electronics and Information and Technology, and Industrial Policy and Promotion.
  2. The CEO of MyGov and a representative each of the Press Council of India and National Broadcasters’ Association will also be part of the committee.


The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (Ministry of I&B) is a branch of the Government of India which is apex body for formulation and administration of the rules and regulations and laws relating to information, broadcasting, the press and films in India.

The Ministry is responsible for the administration of Prasar Bharati-the broadcasting arm of the Indian Government.

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